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Toronto Petting Zoo
We have some of the most well trained, best behaved animals in the Animal Kingdom. Tiger Paw Exotics is fully insured and can transport anywhere in North America. Click on any featured picture to obtain an enlarged view in a separate window.
Toronto Petting Zoo Bell Mobility - Yak with Santa hat
Bell Mobility - Large Tiger and three cubs
Heritage Canada - Watusi cow and Pygmy goats
Seldane - Deer in the middle of the road as car speeds towards it
Canadian Airlines - Deer beside a lake, Canoe + People
Kraft Spaghetti - Deer in the woods
Toronto Petting Zoo
Toronto Petting Zoo City of Halifax - Deer Downtown Toronto
Ice many - made for TV movie - Deer in woods and one stuffed deer
Sears - Reindeer on the road
G.M. - 6 reindeer hooked to sleigh on car lot
Kraft Shake and Bake - Cow and 2 pigs
Bud Light - goat + riding Horse
Toronto Petting Zoo
Toronto Petting Zoo Eatons - Ostrich
Columbian Coffee - mule
Sony Play Station II - Llama
Top Cops - Llama
Za boomafoo - Children's TV show about animals- 2 seasons, Toronto & Montreal
Toronto Petting Zoo
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