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Live Reindeer
Toronto Petting Zoo Reindeer One Tiger Paw Exotics can provide your function with a display of live reindeer along with Santa's sleigh. Pictures sitting in the sleigh with the reindeer in the background make great Christmas cards!
The reindeer make the event memorable for all who attend. The photo's the guests take home make other family members and friends feel as if they were there!
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Toronto Petting Zoo Reindeer Three The reindeer are always accompanied by our handlers. A 12X12 enclosure is used to house the reindeer while at your event. The sleigh is positioned so that as guests sit in the sleigh the reindeer are in the background.
The reindeer can also walk in parades, but reindeer do not like to be touched and with the large antler safety is our main concern. Petting the reindeer is not allowed.
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Email for availability and pricing.
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