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Tiger Paw Exotics promotes education, conservation and preservation of world wildlife. In your home, the classroom or at a public event. We bring well trained exotic animals to your venue and watch the crowd enjoy learning. We present the public with the opportunity to observe living wildlife in a controlled environment. Share the natural beauty of the world's most exotic species and gain a respect for animals most have only seen in books.
Toronto Petting Zoo Tiger Paw Exotics will bring 4-6 warm and cold blooded animals from throughout the world, to your location. We will give a 20 minute presentation explaining the animals, their habitat, their diet, and their position in our natural environment (predator or prey). We will suggest ways in which we, the public, can help these beautiful and exotic creatures survive in this ever changing world. We will pass on the names of support organizations for the various species. Toronto Petting Zoo
Toronto Petting Zoo A normal presentation will consist of 2 reptiles, 1 large bird, and 2-3 mammals. Example: Ball Python, African Spurred Tortoise, Green Wing Macaw, Ring Tailed Lemur, Kangaroo, and a Patagonian Cavy. We will bring our own sound system and can give up to 2 shows per hour for 6-8 hours. Cost will depend on the location (driving distance) and the amount of shows required. Our staff is highly qualified to answer any questions and fully trained to handle the animals. We are also fully insured and can provide references upon request. Toronto Petting Zoo
Toronto Petting Zoo We can also provide farm animal presentations. Classrooms studying the farming community adore our calves, goats, and donkey. The baby chicks, geese and ducks are also a huge success. We can also provide milking demonstrations if requested. Feel free to contact us at the address below. Toronto Petting Zoo
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